No Turning Back

Congrats for your first post Bellie! 🙂

Desert Life

Hi! Welcome to my 1st ever blog article! Gosh, this is surreal so please bear with me guys. 🙂 Actually at first I really don’t know what to write since there are quite a lot of ideas running in my mind. (Naks! Haha) But the word TESTIMONY strikes me, so I wanna share it with you my life testimony. Enjoy reading. 🙂

Way back in college days, I was already reached out by my Christian friend to join a youth service every Friday night, so I’ll go with her. As a teenybopper my real intention was just to look/search for handsome men. (Admit it! Haha) But right after graduation, we separate ways and pursuing different careers, so I was lost and with the world. At that time I don’t think I was lost because I’m a good person, I’m a law abiding citizen and I didn’t step on anyone…

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