Can one be truly whole, filled and at peace?

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I have been mulling over this subject for months now, especially as I’ve been encountering situations of brokenness and longing around me, one after another — single people yearning for intimacy; seemingly successful people expressing a sense of emptiness; people nursing broken hearts; people betrayed and violated; people trying to fix seemingly irreparable relationships; people devastated by all sorts of tragedy; people just trying to keep their heads above water in the midst of multiple struggles.

If only I have a magic wand to make everything work out for them, for them to experience the joy of life in its fullness! But I don’t, and this joy is not mine to give. All that I do have is my own testimony — the continuing story of how God is at work in my life.

I sometimes suspect that I may just be suffering from chronic optimism, a stubborn (and hallucinatory)…

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