To The Singles Who Want To Get Married


Dear Singles,

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am not married, and I am not in a relationship either, but I just want to share to you a lesson that I’ve learned for the past two weeks.

For me, we don’t always need to experience all the hurts for us to be able to conclude something. Just by looking at other people’s lives, we will be able to learn something.

The past two weeks were like God’s way of waking me up — telling me that my image of marriage is quite idolized and idealized. Last Holy Week, I studied the end times doctrines. I juggled Covenant Theology and Dispentionalism in just one week, but I already have a prior knowledge of both doctrines so it was more of a review and comparison. The week was about to end and I still don’t have a…

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