Trust and Obey

Exhibit A

* This is a late post.


Staring blankly on the television. Switching channels. Checking for a volleyball game or anything that could take my attention.


Picking up my phone – then reminded that I am on a social media hiatus for 42 days. No flooded notifications to administer. No group chats to back-read. No text messages. Phone battery lasts longer than the past days.

I’m ruined.

While many people are still struggling on the roads of Metro Manila, tired on the daily traffic life of the city, here I am in the comfort of my new unit, with both AC and electric fan running due to the extremely hot temperature brought by the season.

There were meals to prepare but no appetite to eat. There were books neatly organized on the side table but no interest on picking up one. Carrying my laptop and hard drive from the bedroom, thinking…

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