Rx: 4 Cons must haves – Content, Context, Conversation & Conversion

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I have been hounded with queries on how to effectively sustain social media campaigns.
How do you make things work in Social Media for your brand? Some would even growl about having done this, having done that but nothing is happening. Other would have even spent a fortune trying to achieve a sizeable followers, for branding purposes and yet they would still cry over it that its seemed a waste of advertising money, again it did not perform as it was expeected.

4 ConsThe naked fact is that top management would always look for benefits and returns. Followers does not really mean anything unless its functional. Paid reach does not mean anything even if not calibrated for the right purpose. Engagement without the right research may even lead your brand to unwanted comments and you being defensive in most cases. So if we will not concretize the numbers behind the report…

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