South Korea #OOTDs

Gumala ang ina ng PSA!

Exhibit A

I’m asking for your forgiveness as early as this point, readers. It’s my first time doing this… and probably the last as well. LOL! Permit me! I really wanna do this! HAHAHA.

Though I’m far from the great influencers in this area of blogging, namely Kryzzie, Nicole Andersson and Laureen Uy, I’m very glad with the outcome of this you-don’t-have-any-choice photo shoot with my 13-year old niece. 🙂

With pride and honor…

Gosh, this is embarrassing…

Okay, here it is…


1 airport1“Braso ang Panlaban”

Weeks before my flight, I had a conversation with my equally KDrama-fantard-friend about this airport fashion known from Korean celebrities. It is usually comes with an all-black attire partnered with white sneakers.

1 airport2Adidas cap, Genevieve Gozum top, Jag rippes jeans, AA’s Clothing Manila blazer, Lazada back pack, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (Thanks Ate Joy! :)), Globetrotter World Traveller wrist watch

1 airport3I just so love…

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