Sorry to Disappoint but Love is Unfair

“I am willing to do everything for her. I just want her to at least appreciate that.”

“I did all that he asked me. How is it not enough yet?”

“He doesn’t pursue me anymore. I felt so loved before but he just stopped doing the little things.”

“I quit. I quit from loving you.”

Oh, dear. When the going gets tough, it doesn’t mean it’s the time to quit, not in love, not in relationships.

Love is good but love is also unfair.

For you who is in a relationship now and you’re struggling, I pray that these words will speak answers to your heart. I pray that more than saving your relationship, it would save you from drowning into your own deceiving thoughts.

Wake up, sweetheart. Listen to me, love is unfair. And the sooner you accept that imperfection, the quicker you’d see how God is working…

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