This is for Every Guy who Broke Her Heart

Fine and Dandy... Mostly

Yes, you. The one to whom she entrusted her heart. The one in whom she invested her time, her feelings.  The one who told her, “You deserve better,” then left, eventually. The one who told her, “You’re too much,” but made her feel she just wasn’t enough. The one who made her fall with smooth talk, sweet gestures, and those incredibly thoughtful gifts. The one who kept her on the phone until the wee hours of the morning. The one who told her, “I love you,” but said those same words to someone else.

Maybe you didn’t mean for her to fall for you, but she did—willingly, hard, and with complete awareness that she was free-falling into her eventual misery.
But get this: you will never know how freeing it is to love someone with such abandon that you don’t even care whether the…

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