Project LiBro at Nasugbu (Details)

Proposed Program (By Marts, Genny, and Kathy)

A. Registration Nametags and Registration Sheet for Childrens’ Name Genny/Kathy
B. Opening Prayer Joseph/Anyone
C. Welcome Remarks Objectives and rundown of program for that day Teacher Assigned
D. Large Group


Games (2)

Story Telling

(Bible Story any suggestion – we will act out the story while someone if reading it)




E. Snack If ever there will be one
F. Give Away of Books Explain something about importance of reading and gaining values from it Joseph
G. Closing Remarks Joseph

Some important photos:

Ito ang sasakyan from Buendia. DLTB at San Agustin lang ang bus station na andun.

Eto yung San Agustin

This is the Day Care Center area. (From the right)

This is the Day Care Center area. (From the left)

Library nila

Toys and other gamit

Ito yung area na sasakyan natin ng tricycle. From Jolibee Nasugbu ilang steps lang.

I am trying to contact the person who posted this. Okay ba sa inyo ito? Ganda naman diba? Haha Kaso camping. Hmmmmm.. Inaayos ko lang ang costing. If ever may tanong kayo, comment na lang muna kayo.